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"The world is the expanding Greece
Greece is the shrinking world."

Victor Hugo

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The Prefecture of Pieria has important archaeological sites from the Neolithic, Ancient, Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine era, as well as a large amount of contemporary historical monuments. In the area are also located a considerable number of Museums, Cultural Associations, Libraries and Traditional events. .

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More specifically, the main cultural monuments in the area are:

  • Dion (with the Archaeological Museum of Dion)
  • Neolithic settlement of Makryalos
  • Louloudies Kitrous
  • Libithra
  • Ancient Pydna
  • The Castle of Platamonas
  • ‘Spathes’ Archaeological site in Agios Dimitrios, Petra Olympus
  • Ancient mine in Vria, Pieria
  • Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios
  • Kanala Monastery
  • Isodion Theotokou Monastery in Petra
  • Church of Kimisssi Theotokou Kontariotissas
  • Old Monastery of Agios Georgios Ritinis
  • Church of Agia Triada Vrondous
  • Church of Agia Paraskevi in Ano Milia

During the entire year, significant cultural and religious events are organized. One of those is the Olympus Festival with theatrical shows, concerts, speeches and other events that take place in the Castle of Platamona, also the International Folk Festival with traditional music and dancing groups coming from many countries as well as characteristic local religious celebrations as well as national celebrations and local folk feasts. Events organized by Art Galleries, Conservatories, Theatrical Academies, Cultural Associations and the Local, Business and Educational authorities complete further and elevate the contemporary cultural identity of Pieria.

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