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"The world is the expanding Greece
Greece is the shrinking world."

Victor Hugo


Festivals held in local towns or small traditional villages such as Litohoro - Platamonos - Dion. Pieria is the land of the ancient Thracian tribe “Pieres” and the Muses, on the flanks of Mount Olympus. The surrounding area is the mythological residence of the ancient Greek pantheon, close to the exquisite coasts of the blue Aegean Sea.

Why with us

Our previous Festivals in North and South Pieria had big success as we welcomed groups and representatives of more than ten countries.
Furthermore, during your stay you will have the pleasure to enjoy the Greek hospitality, the crystal blue sea and a bright Greek sun.
Type of groups that can participate: Traditional folk dance groups and folk song groups.
- Number and age of participants is not limited. Number of participating groups is limited.
- Each group should bring a flag of their country and if available, a board with the name of their group.
- The group should prepare from 10 to12 minutes program accompanied by orchestra or CD.
We are looking forward meeting and cooperating with your group at our Festival.


The study of folklore is typically termed "folkloristics", although other terms that are sometimes used include "folklore studies" and "folklife research". Causing some confusion, the study of folklore has also sometimes itself been termed "folklore". Folklorists gather data by studying folklore first hand, through what is termed fieldwork. This entails questioning and interviewing people about their own folklore. In some cases the folklorist remembers what their interviewees say, allowing them to later recollect it either orally or in writing. It can also entail making written notes during the interview, or using mechanical recording methods such as video, photography, and tape recording, the latter of which is the method most often employed by folklorists. The choice of recording medium is often informed by the circumstances and nature of that which is being recorded; for instance a folk dance would best be recorded using video. Approaches to the study of folklore vary; some folklorists specialise on a specific folklore genre, for instance becoming a specialist in folk tales, folk songs, or folk art. An alternative approach focuses on the study of a "folk group", studying the various forms of folklore present within a given group of people. A third approach incorporates the study of folklore as a sub-field of another discipline, such as literature studies, anthropology, history, or linguistics.

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