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About Olympus

Located between Thessaly and Macedonia, mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece.  The legendary mountain Olympus, Greece’s highest mountain range is challenging you to explore it’s secret waterfalls, hanging villages and holly sanctuaries.

According to mythology, Enipeas was the most beautiful god of the rivers, the son of the ocean and the sea. Leto mother of Apollo was having her bath to Enipeas waterfalls. Its flow is continuous and to cross it we cross 7 wooden bridges. At first we meet the big wooden bridge and we proceed to the well-written path, having the river on our left as a companion.

We also see natural swimming pools along the river. In these crystal clear waters, after all, was the daughter of the Titans Kiou and Phoebe, Leto with her exquisite beauty, who gave birth to Apollo and Artemis from Zeus. Also, seven of the nine Muses were bathed here.